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If you are looking to make money on the Internet, you came to the right site. I will tell you about one great Forex broker that I found while combing the Web in search of a decent income. If you have already had experience with Forex, you will certainly find the conditions appealing (see for yourself in the right upper menu). I'm sure you will appreciate the advantages that my Forex broker offers!

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If you are just a beginner as I was, then it's the high time to start! The main point is that Forex is not only about trading yourself, it offers several other ways of earning real money on the Internet, with or without training. You must only be computer literate and not have problems with counting :)

With Forex4you you can make money in 3 different ways, combined or separate (up to you):

1. Actual trading

Don't think that trading on Forex is something above your head, if you don't rush things and do everything carefully and thoughtfully, you'll be doing just fine! The safest way to start is to try the Demo account. It is absolutely free but fully represents the actual trade conditions (real time) and the Trading Terminal features. Once you've mastered the essentials you can try your newly acquired skills on Cent Lite accounts or go straight into the real trade on Classic. Depends on your finances and readiness to risk and win it big time.

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Another way to start at Forex and earn your first money there (even without knowing the rudiments) is to use Robots or automated Forex advisors - special software written to make a new trader's life easier. In case you are lucky enough to find a bulletproof working robot and easy to use at that, it'll take a burden off you and will be able to make you money without interference. All you'll need to do is to set it up correctly and add funds to the account - the robot will do the rest, i.e. trade as if it were a human trader.

The touchy point here is to choose the right Forex robot from many being offered on the Internet both free and at a cost. However, you can again try them without a risk on Demo account. That is one of the reasons why I do not suggest any particular robot, so that you could take your own decision and take responsibility for it (and reward if you are in luck!). Just search the net, read descriptions, reviews, opinions of those who have already tried it, etc., and make your own choice.

After all Forex is all about choice - what currency to trade, when to buy, when to sell, when to close an order and fix profit or loss and so on.

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2. Partnership (Affiliate program)

Another way to make money on the net that Forex4you offers is to become a partner, i.e. to invite (refer) new clients to join Forex4you. See Multilevel (3-tier) program. The point is that you don't have to trade yourself (if you don't want or don't know how), you just advertise in any way you can the mentioned Broker and get a commission from any trade order closed by the new client that had registered via your referral link. Actually it can be either a simple text link or a banner with your affiliate ID in it. You can find your referral link and the add banners in the Partner room after registration if you register a Partner account. It will allow both to invite new clients via your advertisements and to trade yourself (very convenient). The Client account allows you only to trade. However, you can have several accounts, so that's not really a big problem.

You can see how commission is calculated here Partner conditions. As you can see, you'll be getting half of what your invited client makes from an order, a sixth of what his invited client makes (2nd level), and yet almost 6% of what 3rd level earns. So, the more active your invited clients are - the more money you can earn! Moreover, depending on results your Partner Status can be upgraded up to Agent's Fee (commission) as many as 85% of the spread! So, try yourself as a recruiter and make real profit online!

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3. Managed accounts (PAMM)

And that is not all! Should you not want to burden yourself with intricacies of Forex trade or not know how to advertise on the net, however have some money and desire to earn more, there is a way! It's called PAMM ("Percentage Allocation Money Management") also known as Managed accounts.

As you definitely know, money makes money. So, the more money a trader has to put into an order, the more profit he can make at the closure. It is like a wager, but the difference is that it's not sheer luck, but a careful calculation based on experience of the trader and thorough study of the market signals. Sometimes a trader sees a foolproof breakthrough on the market but does not have enough money to make the most of it. That is why the Managed (PAMM) accounts were introduced by most Forex brokers to allow the experienced traders to earn more money as well as to allow the investors to make profit by what they can do best - to invest in promising ventures! The point is that the investor himself chooses in which trader to invest, based upon the detailed accounts of his/hers achievements provided by the Broker in the PAMM room.

To learn more click Managed (PAMM) accounts

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Useful hints

When signing up you can skip verification, you will need it only when the total amount of money on your account/accounts exceeds USD 1000 and it can be done later at any time via Left Menu/My details/Verification. However, I would suggest that you fill in the correct personal information since it will become essential at the time of account verification.

Download the Trading terminal from Left menu/Forex/Download trading terminal

After installation is complete start the trading terminal. The first time the terminal starts it will offer you to create new account (Demo). Press "Close" if you already have an account. Should you want to open additional trading or partner account in future, you can always do it from you Trader/Partner Room.

You can add funds to your account by several means. They are listed in Left Menu/My balance/Add funds.

Should you have any problems or questions during or after registration you can contact online Livehelp at any time (except weekend) from your Trader/Partner room (right upper corner).

So, good luck and Money be with you! :)

By Andrei Orlov (Андрей Орлов)